WFA Yellow Level Training and Exam

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The WFA is an association dedicated to flair bartending, bringing together bartenders from all sides of the globe and creating professional standards for flair worldwide.
With over 8,000 members worldwide (more than 100 countries).


An internationally recognised qualification that demonstrates a professional knowledge and skill in bartending.
Rewards practice, determination and personal development.
Provides a structured syllabus to follow.
Digital badge, certificate and cocktail shaker awarded for each grade provides an incentive to progress
Increased opportunities to work and travel.

All tested grades are awarded by a Grading Examiner following an assessed exam which incorporates three individual components:

  • FREE POUR: The student is required to demonstrate accurate and clean free-pouring techniques that start with single handed, single bottle pours and progress through to multiple bottles with both hands.
  • SPEED MIXING: The student is required to demonstrate mixology knowledge, recipe accuracy & production techniques within a given time frame. Starting with individual cocktails progressing to multiple drinks orders.
  • FLAIR BARTENDING: The Bartender is required to demonstrate a set proficiency in flair bartending techniques from working flair, exhibition flair and craft flair using various tools whilst making 2 cocktails.

2 Days course 

2 Qualified WFA Educators running the course
WFA exam
WFA Yellow Level Certificate

WFA White Tin

WFA Yellow Tin

Our WFA Yellow level  Courses are held from 5pm until 9pm