Professional Bartender Course

(2 weeks/ 80 hours)


We believe in Bartending and we are convinced that is not just a Job but a Lifestyle.

This community comes from experienced Bartenders that decided to share their Knowledge, Skills and Passion, with the aim of inspire, train and support the next world’s finest Bartenders.
Our motto (Not Just a Job, a Lifestyle) defines the core of what we do, suggesting to approach every task like a Bartender.


Considering the high demand of our profession, we are offering you the opportunity to become a Professional Bartender that doesn’t improvise. International Qualified trainers will assist you during the course. Fun it's one of our keyword for our courses, you'll have the best time ever experiencing the real cocktail bar life.

It’s our priority to ensure you absorb all the information and learn all the skills listed below! 


  • Free Pouring (Over 100 different pour)
  • Cocktail recipes (Over 70 IBA specs)
  • Cocktail making procedure
  • Cocktail creation
  • Bar equipment, ice procedure, Glassware and garnishes
  • Product Knowledge (WSET LV1 spirits qualification)
  • Working Station set up and break down 
  • Guest serving skills 
  • Multiple order 
  • Speed of service
  • Flair skills
  • Alcohol awareness 
Learning material will be hand out to all the students:
  • Recipe book
  • Bartending Bible 
  • WSET LV1 spirits book
  • Workbook and pens

Certificates, shirt and Barblade will be hand out to all students that will complete the course, including a Grading night out with dinner and drinks in the most iconic London's cocktail bars.

Internal competitions will be run by the trainers every week with the chance to win prizes and awards.

Every student will receive a loyalty card with numbers of discounts included, such as: hair dresser, cocktail bars, restaurants, courses, merchandising and lots more.

Once you’ve learned? We are linked with many cocktail bars, clubs and bar chains, we will help you find the right job straight away.

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