Here at Bartender Lifestyle, we believe that bartending isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle. Our community was built by experienced bartenders who have decided to share their knowledge, skills, and passion to inspire, train, and support the world’s finest upcoming bartenders. Our motto – Not Just a Job, a Lifestyle – defines the core of what we do; approaching every task like a bartender.

Meet The Team

Aldo started his Journey as a bartender back in Italy in 2007 after completing the Planet one (Bartending school) Advanced course, he went on to spent 5 years working in a 5 start hotel.

Aldo started as Bartender and developed though to Bar Manager during his tenure.

Aldo made the decision to leave Italy in 2011 to start a new hospitality adventure and career in London. He Joined a Restaurant chain called Balans in heart of Soho, where he spent 3 years. Once again he worked his way up the ladder from Bartender through to Bar Manager.

With his love for the hospitality industry the next step for his personal and business development was working at Be At One, who he joined in 2014. He became a Be At One certified Bartender and then moved on to become a trainer.
After 12 months Aldo became first Be At One Learning and development officer and then Learning and development Manager. He managed and coordinated all the training in the West End Be At One bars, being responsible for over 100 bartenders individual development.
During his time at Be At One Aldo also managed the training element for 12 Be At One new bar openings. He designed the bar schematics, bar stations, set up their back of house storage and ensured all bars opened with a fully trained team.

Other responsibilities involved project managing the Be At One bartender Challenge.This is the biggest annual event in Be At One and involves all 350 bartenders across all Be At One bars competing in an internal competition to find the Be At One Best bartender, Best Bar team, Best Newcomer, Best technical bartender and fastest bartender. 

Danilo started his career as bartender in the 2009 when he completed a course at Planet One American bartending school in Italy. Following the course, he started working as a bartender in establishments throughout the Apulia region of Italy. He fell in love with bartending and was hungry to expand his knowledge and experience.A year later Danilo completed the Advance bartending course at Planet One and was then offered a position as assistant trainer, which he gladly accepted. During the next 2 years Danilo managed and delivered bartender training and advanced training at Planet One.

After his time in planet one Danilo decided it was time to take his bartending skills internationally and came to London in November 2013.

He bartended for 6 months before joining Be At One cocktail bars in May 2014. He certified well under the average time and just in time to enter the Be At One bartender challenge! In October 2014 Danilo won the bartender challenge and became the Be At One best bartender of 2014, this was one of Danilo’s proudest achievements.

6 months later Danilo was recruited to head up the Greek street team which was the biggest bar in the company at the time and the highest sales (taking in excess of 4 million pounds a year). He led a team of 20 bartenders to become one of the strongest bar teams in Be At One history.
Danilo’s next step in April 2017 was to become the first Be At One Brand Ambassador.This was a role that only bartender challenge winners could occupy.The Brand ambassador would represent Be At One in all media communication, work VIP events, lead the New bar openings teams and give presentations on how to become a better bartender.
In January 2018 Danilo was offered the position as Classroom trainer, which he accepted and by the end of that year he joined the Learning & Development team as a learning and development Manager.

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